The AAQ (and other organisations) periodically award prizes in recognition of achievements and meritorious service.

Honorary membership

Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Council upon a person who, in the opinion and judgment of the Council, has rendered exemplary service to astronomy and/or the Association.  Only a handful of honorary memberships have been conferred, and these are listed below.

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The Kitty Kent Award (AAQ)

Kitty Kent was a remarkable lady who drove ambulances in the western desert in WWI.  She worked tirelessly for the ASQ and today her legacy is The Kitty Kent Award.

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The Malcolm McCallum Award (AAQ)

The Malcolm McCallum Award was instituted in 1973 by the Association, following the death of one of its Associate Members, Malcolm McCallum, who was killed in a motor vehicle accident while returning home from the Bunya Mountains astronomical expedition auspiced by the Association.

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The Berenice & Arthur Page Medal (ASA)

The ASA awards the Berenice and Arthur Page Medal for excellence in amateur astronomy in Australia and its territories. It is normally awarded every two years for scientific contributions by an amateur astronomer that has served to advance astronomy.

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Discovery Award (Combined Societies of SE Queensland)



Achievement Award (Combined Societies of SE Queensland)