Conditions of hire – please read

As you can imagine, the AAQ hire equipment is quite expensive and we have to keep a watchful eye on it. As a result, there are some conditions of hire that apply to all equipment. Special conditions apply to specific items.

  • Hirers must be members of the AAQ for a period of 8 months before an application for hire can be submitted.
  • Members need to have attended a couple of meetings in-person so we can make sure you are aware how the equipment is operated.
  • After 8 months, members can apply to hire the manual telescopes.
  • The Association has a 90mm SolarMax solar telesscope for hire. Applications for this telescope must be approved by the AAQ Council. We ask applicants to provide a description of how you plan to use the equipment in support of the request.
  • The current hire fee for telescopes is $10 per month, with some or all of the hire costs to be paid upfront.
  • Hirers will be required to complete an Equipment Hire Form, which outlines your responsibilities.
  • Members should first contact the Equipment Hire Director who can advise you if or when the equipment is available, and provide other information such as how and where to collect the item.  A form is available on the page showing the equipment details.

Current equipment list (details are available to members).

12″ GOTO Dob Kit

Skywatcher flex tube (collapsible) 305mm Newtonian Dobsonian telescope.

8″ GOTO SCT Kit (Paul Lapalud)

Meade 200mm LX10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and mount.

8″ GOTO SCT Kit (Albert Zwart)

Meade 200mm LX10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and mount.

10″ GOTO Dob kit

Skywatcher flex tube (collapsible) 250mm Newtonian Dobsonian telescope.

Coronado SolarMaxII Solar Telescope Kit

Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Hydrogen Alpha solar telescope and mount (restricted hire).

8″ Dob Kit

Skywatcher flex tube (collapsible) 200mm Newtonian Dobsonian telescope.


Other Equipment & Accessories

Eyepieces, laser pointer, software and torches