We welcome visitors to attend our meetings for as long as they like.  But to make the most of the experience and access member privileges, you may wish to join the Association.

How to join

Two things to do:

  1. Complete and sign a AAQ Membership Application Form, and
    1. email to the Membership Secretary a scan of the form, or
    2. give the form to the Membership Secretary or an AAQ Council member at a monthly Ordinary General Meeting, or
    3. post it to the AAQ (see Contacts for our mailing address)
  2. Pay the related fee
    1. (Preferred) Make a direct deposit to the AAQ bank account (details in the Application Form)
      Please include your name in the Bank Reference, or
    2. post a cheque to the AAQ (see Contacts for our mailing address). If you don’t send with the Application Form please ensure your name (as on the form) is written on the back of the cheque!
    3. email the AAQ Treasurer at letting them know you’ve made the deposit.

As per the AAQ Constitution, your membership application would usually be tabled at the next AAQ Council meeting after it is received. After being considered, and if approved,
the application would be ratified and then announced at the next Ordinary General Meeting. You’ll be notified by email or letter.

You may find the following documents useful useful:

Levels of Membership

The AAQ has three levels of membership:

  • Associate membership is available to any individual who wishes to join the AAQ. This is the normal starting level for new members. Associate members can, upon request, be upgraded to full membership after completing two years at the Associate level. There is no cost to be upgraded.
  • Full membership is given to those astronomers engaged in astronomical research, contributing observational data (e.g. variable star or occultation timing measurements) to a bona-fide astronomical organisation, or are committed amateur astronomers who in the judgement of the AAQ Council have the experience to qualify as a Full member. Full members must be at least 18 years of age. Full members have voting rights, and may nominate for the AAQ Council which is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Honorary membership is conferred by the AAQ Council onto members who make an outstanding contribution to the science of astronomy or to the AAQ.  Honorary members have the same privileges as Full members, and pay no further membership fees.

In addition to the membership levels, the AAQ offers concessions to:

  • holders of an Aged Pensioner Card
  • medical retirees
  • full-time students of a bona-fide educational organisation, and to
  • two or more family members living under the same roof

Refer to the AAQ Membership Application Form for more details.