Council & other officers

Like every community organisation, the Association relies on the dedication of a group of volunteers to ensure its smooth operation.


The Council is the management committee of the AAQ, and for this year is:

President Claire Houston
General Secretary Des Janke
Treasurer Tim Napier-Munn
Vice President David Moriarty
Membership Secretary Diane Hughes
Technical Secretary John Hughes
Councillors Denis Audet
Graeme Jenkinson
Geoff Seawright


The AAQ has the following special interest Sections, organised by a Section Director.

Astrophotography – the photography, film and digital, of astronomical objects and transient phenomena. Rick Stevenson
Double Stars – the observation of double and multiple stars. Graeme Jenkinson
Education – outreach activities and specialized observing nights for schools. David O’Driscoll
Instruments – anything to do with amateur telescope equipment and accessories. Greg Bond
Library – maintenance and management of the Association’s Library. Graeme Jenkinson
Newsletter – production and distribution of the monthly member newsletter John Salini
Occultations – the timing of the occultation of stars by the Moon and asteroids. Steve Kerr
Solar System – the observation and study of objects within our solar system. Tony Dutton
Spectroscopy – the observation and equipment for analysis of starlight by wavelength Julian West
Variable Stars – the observation of stars that fluctuate in brightness. Roy Axelsen
Visual Observing – the observation of deep sky (outside the solar system) objects. Denis Audet
Web site – maintenance of the AAQ web presence Des Janke


For more information about past management of the AAQ, see Past Management.