There is nothing like looking through a telescope to inspire excitement in the young and the young at heart.

The Education Section of the AAQ will set up a variety of telescopes so school children and their parents, as well as other community groups, can observe and learn about the night sky.  This can be done at your school or at a mutually agreed location (more common for community groups).

We generally have a number of telescopes available, which helps people understand the various types of telescope and how they work.  Our astronomers will be happy to talk to you about the objects we are looking at and astronomy in general.

To cover costs and equipment, we charge $4 per person. For scool groups this is just for the students – there is no charge for teachers/parents.

For more information, contact the Education Section Director using this form.

A contact phone may make it easier to discuss your requirements
In order to manage requests for field nights, we need to record and use your contact details provided above. These will not be used for other purposes.
Try to provide information about the number and age of participants, and when you are looking for the event to occur.

About the author

David O'Driscoll
David O'Driscoll
Amateur astronomer with a particular interest in photometry, astrometry and robotic telescopes. In his spare time, David develops and manages websites for astronomical groups, and is the Section Director for the AAQ's Education Section.