Past management teams of the AAQ

To find out who held what role over the years, select the year you are interested in from the list below:

YearPresidentVice PresGen SecTech SecTreasMem SecCouncillor 1Councillor 2Councillor 3Councillor 4
2021Des JankeDavid MoriartyRoy AxelsenJohn HughesPeter CulshawDiane HughesGraeme JenkinsonGeoff SeawrightJulian West
2020Claire HoustonDavid MoriartyDes JankeJohn HughesTim Napier-MunnDiane HughesDenis AudetGraeme JenkinsonGeoff Seawright
2019Claire HoustonChris RyanMark Harvey (to May)Ben PaceTim Napier-MunnDes JankeGeoff BiggsGraeme JenkinsonRoberto Romano
2018Ben PaceDavid O'DriscollRoy AxelsenTony PicciniClaire HoustonTim Napier-MunnGeoff BiggsChris RyanPaul York
2017Ben PaceDavid O'DriscollRoy AxelsenTony PicciniClaire HoustonTim Napier-MunnAlison BeckGeoff BiggsMark Harvey
2016David O'DriscollBen PaceDes JankeJohn HughesRoy AxelsenTim Napier- MunTony PicciniAlison BeckClaire Houston
2015David O'DriscollGreg BondDes JankeJohn HughesRoy AxelsenDiane HughesTony PicciniAlison BeckBen Pace
2014Terry CuttleGreg BondDes JankeAllan CooneyRoy AxelsenDiane HughesJohn HughesRick StevensonDavid O'Driscoll
2013Terry CuttleTony Dutton & Greg BondJohn SaliniAlison BeckDavid MoriartyDiane HughesDes JankeJohn HughesRick Stevenson
2012Tim Napier-MunnTony DuttonJohn SaliniAlison BeckDavid MoriartyGeoff BiggsCheryl CapraDiane HughesJohn Hughes
2011Jonathan BradshawTerry CuttleDavid O'DriscollAllan CooneyJohn SaliniGeoff BiggsPeter BesterAlison BeckDiane Hughes
2010John SaliniJonathan BradshawDavid O'DriscollTerry CuttleTim Napier-MunnGeoff BiggsAllan CooneyPeter BesterTony Dutton
2009John SaliniTim Napier-MunnJonathan BradshawTerry CuttlePeter CulshawRoy AxelsenDavid O'DriscollGeoff BiggsTony Dutton
2008Peter AndersonCheryl CapraJonathan BradshawDes JankePeter CulshawTim Napier-MunnTerry CuttleRoy AxelsenGraeme Jenkinson
2007Max KilmisterCheryl CapraJonathan BradshawDes JankePeter CulshawTerry CuttleRoy AxelsenGraeme JenkinsonTim Napier-Munn
2006Max KilmisterCheryl CapraDes JankeDanielle MorrishRon GreenPeter CulshawRoy AxelsenGraeme JenkinsonMark Harvey
2005John SaliniMax KilmisterDes JankeMark HarveyRon GreenCheryl CapraTony DuttonGraeme JenkinsonGraham Crossley
2004John SaliniMax KilmisterMark HarveyMark HarveyRon GreenCheryl CapraDes JankeGraeme JenkinsonGraham Crossley
2003Gary HartJohn SaliniBrent JoyceMark HarveyPeter HaywardTony DuttonRon GreenDennis AlteaGraham Crossley
2002Gary HartJohn SaliniBrent JoyceMax KilmisterPeter HaywardTony DuttonRon GreenDennis AlteaGraham Crossley
2001Tony DuttonMark HarveyBill OliverMax KilmisterPeter AndersonGary HartBrent JoycePeter HaywardGraham Crossley
2000Tony DuttonPeter AndersonBill OliverMax KilmisterMark HarveyGary HartBrent Joyce
1999Kerry HolmesRobert WilsonBill OliverMax KilmisterMark HarveyGraham CrossleyGary HartTony DuttonJohn Salini
1998Peter AndersonKerry HolmesRobert WilsonGraham CrossleyMark HarveyMike MoyMax KilmisterJohn SaliniBill Oliver
1997Peter AndersonKerry HolmesRobert WilsonGraham CrossleyMike MoyMark HarveyDavid MoriartyJohn SaliniMartin Porter
1996David MoriartyAlbert ZwartRobert WilsonGraham CrossleyMike MoyKerry HolmesDamien OusleyJohn SaliniMartin Porter
1995David MoriartyAlbert ZwartJohn SaliniAndre Ayme De RosamondMike MoyGraham CrossleyDamien OusleyRobert WilsonMartin Porter
1994Steve HutcheonTerry HickeyKerry HolmesDamien OusleyAlbert ZwartMike MoyDavid Moriarty
1993Steve HutcheonDavid JeacokeKerry HolmesDamien OusleyAlbert ZwartColin WardTerry Hickey
1992Greg BondColin WardDamien OusleyKerry HolmesAlbert ZwartGary HartSteve HutcheonDavid Jeacoke
1991Colin WardMike MoyBill OliverKerry HolmesPaul LapauldSusan NivenGary HartGreg BondDavid Moriarty
1990Colin WardPeter Mitropoulos & Mike MoyBill OliverKerry HolmesPaul LapauldSusan NivenGary HartGreg BondDavid Moriarty
1989Lindsay BallPeter MitropoulosLen ThurechtSteve HutcheonPaul LapauldGary NeilsenGreg BondBob TheunissenColin Ward
1988Peter AndersonPeter HallGary NeilsenSteve HutcheonPeter MitropoulosBryan BridgeDavid MoriartyRob VickermanGreg Bond
1987Peter AndersonPeter HallDavid RogersSteve HutcheonPeter MitropoulosBryan BridgeDavid MoriartyCharles SmithRob Vickerman
1986Bryan BridgeLindsay BallDavid RogersJack ThompsonPeter HallKen JacksonDavid MoriartyCharles SmithSteve Hutcheon
1985Bryan BridgeLindsay BallMark RigbyJack ThompsonPeter HallKen JacksonBrett KitchenerDavid RogersDavid Jones
1984Mark RigbyBrett KitchenerKen JacksonBrad CarterPeter HallLindsay BallJoseph CaliPeter MitropoulosDavid Rogers
1983Mark RigbyGreg ThompsonKen JacksonArthur PageViv LawtonLindsay BallGreg BondBrett KitchenerDouglas Mc Dougall & Peter Mitropoulos
1982Arthur PageGreg ThompsonKen JacksonJack ThompsonViv LawtonLindsay BallGreg BondBryan BridgeBernie Doran
1981Arthur PageGreg ThompsonBryan BridgeMark RigbyViv LawtonBernie DoranHarold KennedyDouglas Morrison
1980Bernie DoranHarold Kennedy (VP1) & Greg Thompson (VP2)Bryan BridgeMark RigbyJack ThompsonJames BarclayLee LaffertyDouglas MorrisonVal Novak & Viv Lawton
1979Bernie DoranJohn Henley (VP1) & John Russell (VP2)Bryan BridgeMark RigbyJack ThompsonJames BarclayHarold KennedyLee Lafferty & Greg ThompsonDouglas Morrison & Viv Lawton
1977-78Harold PowellBernie Doran (VP1) & Arthur Page (VP2)John Russell & Andrew Heather (asst)Mark RigbyWallace BestPeter AndersonBryan BridgePhilip HigsonJack Thompson