2018 was a very special year for the Astronomical Association of Queensland when we celebrated our 40th anniversary. The inaugural meeting of the AAQ in its current form was held back in March 1978 and our original home was the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, which coincidentally also celebrated its 40-year anniversary in 2018.

To mark this occasion, we held special events throughout the year so that everyone had a chance to partake in our celebrations. These events culminated in July 2018, where we held our General Meeting at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, and in November where we dedicated the entire OGM to mark this milestone event. We invited past Presidents and other notable guests to join in our celebrations. Special awards were granted to notable members and we enjoyed many nostalgic presentations which reflected on our history.

The November General Meeting included a special commemorative dinner to celebrate our 40th anniversary and was an overwhelming
success.  Members can view videos of the November Meeting….

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