Dr David Moriarty was an author on this publication in the Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers in 2015


Since 2011, members of Variable Stars South have undertaken intensive time series observations and analysis of eclipsing binary systems, most of which are south of declination -40°. Many of them have not been observed in detail since their discovery 50 – 80 years ago. New or revised light elements are presented here for 60 systems and revised O-C values for a further 18 systems. A pulsating component has been discovered in four of the binary systems: RZ Mic, V0632 Sco, V0638 Sco and LT Her.


M. Streamer, J. Byron, D.J.W. Moriarty and 14 other co-authors. 2015.
Revised Light Elements of 78 Southern Eclipsing Binary Systems. Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers. 43: 1-7.
Web site: https://app.aavso.org/jaavso/article/3048/

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