Graeme Jenkinson gave this presentation at the Astrocon 2017, the annual national conference of USA amateur astronomical groups/organisations. For 2017 it was held over three days just prior to the August total solar eclipse at Casper, Wyoming USA, which was on the path of eclipse totality.


Like many of us I am continually in awe of the skills of the modern day amateur astrophotographer with the huge range of quality CCD astro cameras now available.  If like myself, time at your telescope is limited, I will show how to use this technology to make a real and worthwhile contribution to the science of astronomy.  Join me on a journey starting with selection of target pairs, acquiring useable images, through to analysing those images and the publication of your results in the scientific journals you too can contribute, and still be fit to go to work the next morning! Pristine dark skies are not essential and like myself, there is a good chance of discovering new pairs, with your name preserved for posterity!

thumbnail of G Jenkinson – Astrocon 2017