Tim Napier-Munn and Graeme Jenkinson have published a paper on two neglected multiple systems in the Journal of Double Star Observers.


This paper presents the results of a 2014 program of photographic measurements of two multiple star systems (one a double, one a triple) not studied since their initial measurement in 1900. The images were obtained using a Meade DSI CCD camera in conjunction with an equatorially mounted 150mm F8 refractor. Image processing was carried out using Losse’s REDUC software. Both stars have seen significant movement since the first measures.


Napier-Munn, T. and Jenkinsin, G. (2014). Journal of Double Star Observations – Measurement of Two Long Neglected Southern Multiple Stars.  Retrieved from http://www.jdso.org/volume10/number4/October2014.pdf.