Graeme Jenkinson has published a paper on neglected southern multiple systems in the Webb Society Double Star Section Circulars.


Through mid-2015 measurements were completed of the following two southern multiple stars as listed in the Washington Double Star Catalogue. A pair that appear to be previously unlisted in the WDSC was found just to the west of B2450 and B2451. Using a 400-mm f/4.5 Newtonian reflector fitted with a Meade DSI 2 camera and software programme AstroPlanner V2.1 (Rodman), the obtained images were analysed using Losse’s Redu software. The mean 95% confidence intervals for the B2450 and B 2451 measures were ± 0◦.290 in PA and ± 0′′.084 in separation.


The Webb Society Double Star Section Circulars No 24. (2016). Retrieved from