Graeme Jenkinson, Peter Culshaw, Diane Hughes, John Hughes and Des Janke have published a paper on neglected southern multiple systems in the Webb Society Double Star Section Circulars.


This paper presents partial results of a 2018 programme of photographic measurements of twenty southern multiple stars carried out by members of the Astronomical Association of Queensland. The balance of our results for 2018 are yet to be forwarded for consideration in a future edition of the Circular. All results were obtained using an Atik 460EX mono CCD camera used in conjunction with an equatorially mounted 400-mm F4.5 Newtonian reflector. Fellow AAQ members Culshaw, Hughes & Hughes provided invaluable assistance with image processing using Florent Losse’s Reduc software. It is hoped that with their continued assistance completed data will be submitted in a more timely manner. The mean 95% confidence intervals for the new measures were ± 0◦.747 in PA and ± 000.145 in separation.


The Webb Deep-Sky Society Double Star Section Circular No 27. (2019). Retrieved from