Graeme Jenkinson has published a paper on nine neglected southern multiple systems in the Webb Society Double Star Section Circulars.


This paper presents the results of an early 2016 programme of photographic measurements of nine southern multiple stars. Two of these targets consisted of both B and C components. These are the first completed results obtained using an Atik 460EX mono CCD camera purchased in late 2015 with a grant from the AAQ Edward Corbould Research Fund grant. This imager is being used in conjunction with an equatorially mounted 400-mm f4.5 reflector. Image processing was carried out using Losse’s Reduc software. The mean 95% confidence intervals for the new measures were ± 0◦.949 in PA and ± 000.176 in separation.


The Webb Deep-Sky Society Double Star Section Circular No 26 Contents. (2018). Retrieved from