The Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ) decided in September 2020 that no research grants would be offered in 2021. The research grant fund is conservatively invested and due to low interest rates careful consideration will be given to when next a grant is offered.

The AAQ administers the Edward Corbould Research Fund (ECRF) from which funds may be made available annually to support astronomical research by Australian amateur astronomers.

The ECRF has been established to encourage and assist astronomical research, rather than simple data-gathering. Projects in any field of astronomy are considered. Projects must comprise observational research which has a clearly defined objective and timeline, adds to the body of knowledge, and is appropriate for publication. Funds may be requested to support any aspect of the research including appropriate equipment (excluding office equipment and items which form an inherent part of a larger whole such as telescope mirrors), consumable items or essential travel but excluding personal remuneration. Applications for funding solely for travel to conferences or for planning research will not be considered.

The application are required be in the form of a research proposal and include the following:

  • A statement of the aims and hypotheses of the project.
  • Details of the proposed methodology including analysis of the data to be collected.
  • A timeline for the project.
  • An itemised list of proposed expenditure including justification of each item and a ranking of the items in terms of priority: 1 – those essential for the project; 2 – those considered necessary to maintain a reasonable rate of progress to bring the project to completion; 3 – other items which would be useful in supporting the project.
  • A short CV of the applicant including relevant astronomical experience.
  • A letter of support for the project from a scientist working in the field covered by the proposal.
  • A review of the relevant scientific literature, supported by a list of references.
    Further details on requirements are provided in the related ECRF Grant Applications Guide for that year.

Applications are reviewed by the AAQ Research Committee which makes recommendations to the AAQ Council. If, in the Research Committee’s opinion, no worthy project is proposed in any year then no funds will be granted for that year.

Applicants must be Australian citizens. Successful applicants who are not members of the AAQ are required to join the AAQ before funds can be disbursed and must remain members during the period of the grant. The current membership fees are published in our Membership Pack. Successful applicants who are not already AAQ members will be advised in time so that they may make membership applications before funds are disbursed.

Successful applicants must submit annual project progress reports to the General Secretary to be printed in the AAQ Annual Proceedings over the life of the project up to a maximum of 7 years. They must also provide evidence to the General Secretary of the expenditure of the grant in the form of receipts, photographs etc.

Equipment purchased under the ECRF grant remains the property of the AAQ. If the project is of limited duration the equipment is to be either returned to the AAQ or the applicant may purchase the equipment from the AAQ at its depreciated value.  Where the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged during the grant recipient’s custodianship, the recipient must so advise the Council as soon as possible. The Council reserves the right to ask the recipient to make a contribution to the repair or replacement of the items.

Contact the General Secretary for further details or enquiries.

Email: General Secretary

The General Secretary,
Astronomical Association of Queensland,
PO Box 6101,
St Lucia QLD. 4067.