Roy Axelsen has published a paper on the δ Scuti star EQ Eridani in the JAAVSO.


DSLR photometry of the δ Scuti star EQ Eridani (HD 28665) was undertaken on six nights between 2 November and 8 December 2013. Comparison and check stars were HD 28508 and HD 28901, respectively. Inspection of the light curves revealed an irregular pattern and variation in amplitude that signified the presence of two or more periods. Fourier analysis using the software period04 yielded at least three pulsation frequencies of 14.3663, 11.6862, and 7.2128 cycles per day, corresponding to periods of 0.0696, 0.0856, and 0.1386 day, respectively. The first of these frequencies is very close to the period of 0.0700 day listed in a catalogue of d Scuti stars published in 2000. This is the first report of multiperiodicity in EQ Eri. None of the period ratios fall within the range of 0.74–0.78 expected for the ratio of the first overtone to the fundamental mode of d Scuti stars pulsating in the radial mode.


Axelsen, R. (2014). EQ Eridani, a Multiperiodic δ Scuti Star42. Retrieved from