A selection of books, atlases, magazines, computer software, videos, audio tapes, slides, posters and AAQ records are available from the AAQ Library for loan to members free of charge. The following conditions apply to borrowing library material:

  • The borrower must be a financial member of the Astronomical Association of Queensland.
  • The borrowed material shall be returned immediately if the member ceases to be financial or resigns.
  • The borrowed material shall be kept in good condition. Any material that is lost or damaged must be reported to the AAQ Librarian immediately.
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to replace any material that is lost or severely damaged.
  • The maximum loan periods for borrowed items are:
Item Maximum Loan Period
Magazines (< 6 months old) 1 month
Magazines (6 – 12 months old) 2 months
Magazines (> 1 year old) 4 months
Books (< 5 years old) 2 months
Books (> 5 years old) 4 months
Atlases / Computer Software /
Videos / Audio / Images /
4 months
  • The AAQ Council may change the maximum loan period duration without notice.
  • The AAQ Council, via the Librarian, may require borrowed items to be returned before the maximum loan period expires.
  • The AAQ will upon request post library items to members that are unable to attend the meetings. The outbound postage on the first selection of library items per member per year will be paid by the AAQ. Borrowers are responsible for paying return postage and outbound postage on any subsequent selections in a calendar year.