AAQ Solar Telescopes are equipped with hydrogen alpha filters to allow for safe viewing of the Sun if used according to instructions. Before using an AAQ telescope members must be familiar with its correct operating procedures and safety precautions. If in doubt, ask for advice from an experienced member.

AAQ members hiring an AAQ Solar Telescope must comply with the following:

  1. Read and understand the manual for the telescope and these instructions before operating the telescope.
  2. Prior to any use of the solar telescope, check that all main filters, adapters and blocking filters are installed, are secure and are undamaged and the telescope is securely mounted.
  3. Do not dismantle the telescope. Especially never remove the special diagonal during a viewing session as this will allow sunlight out the back of the tube. Never use the telescope with a conventional diagonal as this will allow dangerous light to pass through the telescope.
  4. Never leave the solar telescope unsupervised while pointed at the Sun.
  5. If the telescope is being used for public viewing, display a sign advising that this telescope is equipped with special filters for safe solar viewing, and advising of the dangers of viewing the Sun through a “normal” telescope.
  6. Always be aware that you are viewing in direct sunlight. Take necessary precautions to protect yourself from sunburn and heat exposure.
  7. The instrument should NEVER be subjected to shock due to being dropped. Mis-handling of the filter system may cause the etalon to de-contact and will render the instrument useless until repaired
  8. The instrument should be stored in its original case, in as low a humidity area as possible